WGA Willing to Make a Deal with Individual Studios Outside of AMPTP
ManOfTheCenturyMovie News WGA Willing to Make a Deal with Individual Studios Outside of AMPTP

WGA Willing to Make a Deal with Individual Studios Outside of AMPTP

WGA Willing to Make a Deal with Individual Studios Outside of AMPTP

The Writers Guild says it is willing to make a deal with individual major studios “outside the confines of the AMPTP,” and claims the negotiating committee has had constructive conversations with independent executives who have shown a willingness to agree to their terms. The WGA’s note to members came late on Friday and is a not-so-subtle nudge for studios to move in their direction if they haven’t already.

The WGA has not had formal conversations with the AMPTP since late August, and they say the studios had not issued them a new counterproposal since the WGA issued theirs on Aug. 15. The studios later publicly released a counterproposal to try and divide members. There’s a reason for that, they say.

“The current standstill is not a sign of the companies’ power, but of AMPTP paralysis,” the negotiating committee writes.

The guild reminds everyone that studios aren’t required to negotiate collectively as part of the AMPTP, and that even though the AMPTP aims to put all Hollywood’s companies together under one roof, they’re all competitors with different interests.

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The WGA now says they’ve spoken with executives who claimed the WGA proposals “would not affect their company’s bottom line,” and that they’re being asked to give up more than they’d like to as part of broader negotiations. “Another said they needed a deal badly,” it continues. Other proposals the AMPTP says are “deal breakers,” the guild claims certain execs are willing to talk about.

“On every single issue we are asking for we have had at least one legacy studio executive tell us they could accommodate us,” the guild wrote. “

“If the economic destabilization of their own companies isn’t enough to cause a studio or two or three to either assert their own self-interest inside the AMPTP, or to break away from the broken AMPTP model, perhaps Wall Street will finally make them do it,” it continued in part. “Instead, the companies inside the AMPTP who want a fair deal with writers must take control of the AMPTP process itself, or decide to make a deal separately. At that point, a resolution to the strike will be in reach.”

The AMPTP did not immediately respond to IndieWire’s request for comment in response.

IndieWire has explored the concept of one company making an individual deal with the WGA and breaking from the AMPTP. One analyst told us Netflix should consider being the first to do it because they have more to gain, less to lose, and would look like the good guys by going first. However, one WGA member recently told us a case against making deals with individual companies is that breaking up the AMPTP sends some writers back to work while others remain on the picket lines. Then, you have a divided union.

But 130 days into the strike, it appears anything is on the table. The WGA called the prior AMPTP proposal riddled with loopholes and limitations and they say they want more movement from the studios on minimum staffing, AI regulations, and a success-based residuals driven by more data transparency in streaming.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Discovery said in a public filing this week that the strikes will cost it up to $500 million, which both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA has frequently said would pay for everything both parties are asking for.

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