Ryan Gosling as Ken in "Barbie"
ManOfTheCenturyMovie Film Ryan Gosling Philosophizes Ken’s Life Purpose in Latest ‘Barbie’ Music Trailer—Watch

Ryan Gosling Philosophizes Ken’s Life Purpose in Latest ‘Barbie’ Music Trailer—Watch

Ryan Gosling as Ken in "Barbie"

Ryan Gosling could be returning to his Dead Man’s Bones roots to bring to life a plastic character.

Gosling, who is the founding member of that rock band, demonstrates his singing chops in the latest ‘Barbie’ trailer. Not since “The Notebook” has Gosling taken on the role of a protagonist whose purpose in life is only to love his soul mate – in this case, Barbie (Margot Robbie).

Gosling cuts into song in the latest trailer for Greta Gerwig’s live-action version of the iconic Mattel dolls. Ken worries (shirtless) about “always being number two” to Barbie, having no identity outside of their relationship.

“Barbie” follows both Barbie and Ken as they escape Barbie Land and enter the real world, much to their shock. Gosling previously spoke of preparing to play Ken for life, saying he wanted to give the oft-overlooked toy a voice.

“I go out to the back yard and do you know where I found Ken, Jimmy? Face down in the mud next to a squashed lemon,” Gosling told Jimmy Kimmel that she saw his daughters Ken doll. “Gosling took a picture of what he found and sent it to Gerwig saying, ‘I’ll be your Ken, because this story needs to be told.’ Nobody plays with Ken.

Gosling also responded to criticism that he’s too old to take on the role, saying, “It’s funny, this kind of idea of ​​squeezing your own pearls of, like, #notmyken. How did you ever think about Ken before this? And everyone was fine with that, for him to have a job that’s nothing. But suddenly, it’s like, ‘No, we’ve been worrying about Ken all this time.’ No you did not. You never have. You never cared. Barbie has never fucked Ken. That’s the point.”

“Barbie” will premiere July 21 in theaters. Check out the final trailer below.

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