Quentin Tarantino at 2023 Cannes
ManOfTheCenturyMovie News Quentin Tarantino has a ‘big thing’ against killing animals in his movies: ‘A bridge I can’t cross’

Quentin Tarantino has a ‘big thing’ against killing animals in his movies: ‘A bridge I can’t cross’

Quentin Tarantino at 2023 Cannes

Quentin Tarantino has a line he won’t cross when it comes to onscreen violence.

The ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ author explained during a Cannes Film Festival event that he would never ‘kill’ an animal in one of his films, citing the ‘incompetence’ of showing animal cruelty in the film. cinema. (Via Variety.)

“I really like killing animals in movies. It’s a bridge I can’t cross,” Tarantino said. “Even the bugs. Unless I’m paying to see some bizarre documentary, I’m not paying to see real death. Part of the way it all works is that it’s just a fiction. .

He continued: “That’s why I put up with the violent scenes, because we’re just kidding. (But) some animal, some dog, some llama, some fly, some rat, don’t give a damn about your film. I would kill a million rats, but I don’t necessarily want to kill one in a movie or see one killed in a movie, because I’m not paying to see real death.

The “Kill Bill” director added, “Almost always, it’s not just the violence that I have a problem with. There’s usually an incompetence factor in there.

Tarantino on the other hand is perfectly fine using on-screen violence to right the wrongs of history. For “Inglourious Basterds,” Tarantino said, “I stood in a corner and said, ‘Now what do I do?’ Then, all of a sudden, the thought occurred to me, ‘Kill him, the fuck. Wait, can I do this? Well yes, it’s my story.’ But in the case of Once Upon a Time, I wrote it to save Sharon and kill those motherfuckers.”

The writer-director concluded, “Kurosawa would do that a lot. He would back off and tell his writers to get him out.

Tarantino recently gave more details about his latest film ‘The Movie Critic’, which will center on a ‘rag porn journalist’ who has been posting movie reviews.

“I haven’t decided yet, but it’s going to be someone in the ballpark of 35. He’s definitely going to be a new lead for me,” Tarantino said. “I have an idea of ​​someone that I can imagine him doing really well…”

As for crowning his film career, Tarantino, who has long said he’ll stick to 10 feature films, added, “It’s just time to get out. I like the idea of ​​going out on top. I like the idea of ​​giving it your all for 30 years and then saying, “OK, that’s enough.” And I don’t like working with diminishing returns. And I mean, now is a good time because I mean, what’s a movie anymore anyway? Is it just something they show at Apple? That would be diminishing returns.”

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