Every Marvel Disney+ Show, Ranked
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Every Marvel Disney+ Show, Ranked

Every Marvel Disney+ Show, Ranked

In 2021, Marvel entered a new phase.

Not just Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which would catch up with new and old heroes in the aftermath of “Avengers: Endgame,” but a phase of multi-pronged storytelling synergy unlike anything before it. In Phase 4, the MCU embraced television with multiple Disney+ streaming series, driving subscribers to the platform with more Marvel content than ever before.

Major franchises like have previous explored the coexistence of live-action films and TV shows — as well as cartoons, comics, and graphic novels —  but with clear narrative priorities. There hasn’t been a new tentpole Star Wars movie since Disney+, so those series haven’t had to share the spotlight yet; meanwhile, the MCU churns out both theatrical releases and streaming series with regularity, all of it set in roughly the same timeline and universe with interconnected characters, plot lines, and settings.

Whether you fell off after “WandaVision” or tune in weekly to “Loki” (Season 2 now streaming), it’s hard for even the Marvel-averse to avoid the expanding MCU, especially on Disney+. Even as the stories weave together, some work better as standalone viewing, while others can’t be separated from cinematic counterparts. Some introduce dazzling new characters and formats, while others tread old territory (“Werewolf By Night,” “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special,” and “I Am Groot” did not qualify for this list). And whether or not you believe in Marvel fatigue, you’re definitely living in an age of Marvel saturation.

Here are all of Disney’s Marvel streaming series, ranked from worst to best.

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