Dominic Fike in HBO's "Euphoria"
ManOfTheCenturyMovie News ‘Euphoria’ star Dominic Fike reveals he was almost fired for drug use during filming

‘Euphoria’ star Dominic Fike reveals he was almost fired for drug use during filming

Dominic Fike in HBO's "Euphoria"

Dominic Fike is opening up about his drug use during HBO’s Emmy-winning series ‘Euphoria.’

During an interview with Apple Music, Fike admitted that he was on drugs for most of the show, despite HBO and showrunner Sam Levinson hiring a “sober coach” for him that “didn’t work out.”

“I was so screwed up during most of that show. It was really bad,” Fike said, noting that he filmed most of the scenes that made it into the final cut while drunk. “I got scolded for it. I almost got kicked out of the show. you can not do this'”.

However, the producers “had” to use Fike’s scenes while under the influence.

“I was a drug addict and coming to a show that is, you know, mostly about drugs, it’s very difficult,” he said. “This is entertainment man. They give you a lot of money and they’re like, ‘Yeah, find out man. Sink or swim.'”

Fike played Elliot in season 2’s “Euphoria,” a new friend of Rue’s (Zendaya) who enables her to use drugs, contributing in part to her character having mid-season surgery. Fike is primarily a songwriter when he’s not appearing on the show.

Fike’s co-star Angus Cloud reportedly had similar battles with substance abuse on set. Cloud’s former talent manager Diomi Cordero claimed in a Twitter thread that Cloud relapsed on the set of season 2 of ‘Euphoria’, claiming that HBO paid for Cloud’s rehab treatment and had a ” sober companion on set”. HBO has not commented on the allegations.

“Euphoria” is expected to return for a third season, scheduled for 2025, though production hasn’t started yet due to the strike.


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