ManOfTheCenturyMovie News Brian Cox Hasn’t Seen Most of ‘Succession’: ‘Doing It Is Bad Enough’

Brian Cox Hasn’t Seen Most of ‘Succession’: ‘Doing It Is Bad Enough’


Brian Cox may be the only person who didn’t stay glued to the TV while “Succession” aired.

The acclaimed actor – who played aging media mogul Logan Roy on the Emmy-winning HBO series – revealed he hadn’t seen much of the show during a conversation with Emily Blunt for Actors of Variety on actors series.

“I don’t see many, to be honest with you,” Cox said. “It’s bad enough to do that, without having to look at it.”

Cox confirmed that he has yet to see Logan Roy’s shocking death sequence in episode 3 of the final season.

“I’m actually pretending that he’s not dead, that he’s just disappeared,” she said. “I’ve never seen it, by the way. I have not seen that episode.

The actor continued, “I’d rather do it. Because once you’ve done that, it’s up to the audience to make the decision of him. And especially to play someone like Logan; he is so misunderstood. They just see this anger and rage.

Cox added that the “first thing” she asked “Succession” creator Jesse Armstrong was whether or not his character loves his children, played by Alan Ruck, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin.

“He said, ‘Yeah, he really loves his kids.’ It’s about trying to reclaim that love,” Cox said. “You will always remember them when they are little. Remember their clumsiness and sweetness. And then finally she has to admit, ‘I love you, but you’re not serious people.’”

He explained: “That’s the problem with children. Children are always infinitely disappointed in their parents. And it’s not just the Roys. I mean, my eldest is 52 and he still gives me a hard time sometimes.

Cox recently wrote a tribute to the cast and crew of “Succession,” calling the series “the greatest work experience” of his career. The actor also confirmed that he didn’t leave the set even after his character was killed off, and even showed up at the funeral scene, despite him not being present at the scene of Logan Roy’s death aboard a jet. private.

“I’ve never been there. I wasn’t there at all,” Cox said. “They decided, well, they didn’t want to do it. I mean, they had this idea, you know, I think it’s a phone and an ear.

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