Author: Ralph Glover

The Festival of Anti-Nazi and Anti-fascist Cinema in Athens!

The Festival of Anti-Nazi and Anti-Fascination Cinema starts with daily projections The fact that fascism and Nazism are reviving viscerally throughout Europe and in our country , as a result of a long process that goes far beyond the tight timescale of the economic crisis, does not allow us to have any complacency. In this […]

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Self-referencing: When the cinema speaks for itself

Self-referencing in cinema – The West Avenue 1950 As a phenomenon, self-referencing is not something new in cinema. From “Man with a Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov-Jiga Vertov to “la nuit americaine” by François Truffaut and by “The artist” by Michel Azanavisus (Michel Hazanavicious) as Tom Dillillo’s “Living in Oblivion”, the story of the movie […]

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Parody: self-referencing with humor in the cinema

Black Dynamite (2009) -Project: Self-referencing with humor in cinema The parody is a big part of the debate about self-referencing in cinema. Just 20 years after the eruption of cinema and the popular artistic form, she could think of herself. From the “Avenue of the West”, which we saw carefully in a previous tribute, to […]

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Tribute to the Greek queer cinema in the Greek Film Archive

Stulla by Panos X. Koutras (2009). The Greek Film Archive hosts the great tribute to Greek queer cinema that was presented with great success a few weeks ago at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. The tribute, which was discussed very much, is transported in Athens on 13-19 December. It covers a cinematic journey from the late […]

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