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The tree – A performance of contemporary dance at the Theater of Piraeus

The Tree show, produced by Dagipoli Dance Co., comes for a unique night at the Beauceio Theater of Piraeus. It is a performance with live music and distinguished guests, which has been edited by Giorgos Christakis. The show is framed by outstanding artists and dancers.

A few words about the Dagipoli Dance Co

Dagipoli Dance Co. is a modern dance group, the core of which consists of people with mobility impairment. She has become widely known for her 15 year action in Greek and International Artistic Waters, along with a team of outstanding and acclaimed dance, music and theater actors, as a companion all these years in this bold effort. She managed to gain recognition and respect and to establish itself through an equal relationship, as impressed by the creative path that her traces left, in the contemporary art landscape.

Giorgos Christakis (choreographer, wheelchair dancer) and founder of Dagipoli Dance Co., on his own side, highlights through his choreographies the harmonious cooperation of bodies with different functions, the charm of human diversity and cooperation people with different bodies.

The work of the group basically does not focus on the disability condition, and the disability exists in the whole of the work: Disability simply exists because the dancer and the viewer can not disappear and deny its existence. There is discretion in the whole project, but it often disappears and reverts, overturning the roles and anthropometric scale of the dancers. Rollover is complete to the point where it is difficult to see who has or does not have a disability. In this way, both physical ability and physical incompetence are highlighted, while appreciating diversity.

Contributors of The Tree

  • Conception – choreography: Giorgos Christakis
  • Texts – directed by Yannis Zografakis, Giorgos Christakis
  • Lighting: Giorgos Karakoulakis
  • Production organization editing: Vicky Paraskevopoulou
  • Production: Dagipoli Dance Co – Cultural Association
  • Piano: Andreas Boutsikakis
  • Interpreters: Mikaela Cefalogianni, Nikos Andriyannakis, Dimitris Gintzos and Irene Mavromataki
  • Dancing: E. Mavromatakis, A.A. Alexopoulou, K. Alexopoulou, N. Arampatzi, V. Tachtsoglou, G. Kafetzopoulos, D. Gintzos, S. Tachtsoglou, S. Alepis, M. Kefalogianni, and G. Christakis
  • Narration by Antonis Kafetzopoulos
  • Guests: Petros Gaitanos, Adriana Babali, Michalis Kakepis

Information about The Tree

  • Location: Beauceio Theater of Piraeus
  • Address: Irakliou 13, Piraeus
  • Performance: Monday September 17, 2018
  • Time: 21:00
  • Ticket Prices: € 12 and € 10 (pre-sale, student, student, unemployed, disabled)
  • Part of the proceeds will be provided for the needs of the Athens Nursing Home.
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