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The Little Amadeus – The Child Miracle at the Municipal Theater of Pireaus

A hymn work on Amadeus Mozart “The Little Amadeus – The Child of Miracle”

A hymn to Amadeus Mozart “Amadeus – The Miracle Child” presents the children’s stage of the Municipal Theater of Pireaus. A theatrical play directed by Reina S. Eskenazi and in texts by the writer and musician Thomas Karahalios. In the role of Mozart’s father Antonis Loudaros.

Few words about the project “The Little Amadeus – The Miracle Child”

On September 18, 1762, the Mozart family embarked on a riverboat from Salzburg to Vienna. The journey begins with the story of the little Amadeus, a child of miracle, who loved the music and identified his life with her to become one of the greatest composers.

The journey of his life will be attended by the young and the great viewers of the show, which – as Reina Eskenazi notes – aims to get in touch with the first classical music and to combine them with childishness. Through the show, they will realize that children’s spontaneity and the child’s need for play can coexist by organizing, studying and eventually succeeding our goal. They will feel the satisfaction that the child can create.

The show takes us to the palace where Emperor Francis I and Emperor Maria Theresia live. We observe the relationship of Amadeus with his sister Narnel, a relationship of essential love and brotherly support. Nannel is his guardian angel, and as the greatest he cares about his course, in many instances, she resigns herself. He believes in the talent of Amadeus and does everything for him.

Behind the blue Danube, the show will take us to the atmosphere of the era. Through video projections we will cross the Danube and tour beautiful landscapes. From the small villages of Vienna to the lounges of the palaces of the city, children will have the opportunity to experience new places and transfer to another era. There, where relationships, games and leisure had another more human and tender substance. A narrator will accompany them on this journey.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! A miraculous child who, after nearly 300 years, still enchants with his heavenly melodies the hearts of all mankind.

“The Little Amadeus – The Child of Miracle” presents the children’s stage of the Municipal Theater of Pireaus Casting factors

  • Directed by : Reina Eskenazi
  • Historical study, text & music: Thomas Karachalios
  • Choreography: Monica Kolokotroni
  • Choreography kinesiology for ballerinas: Dimitris Margaritis
  • Costume scenery : Stelios Koutroulis
  • Assistant Director: Andromache Papadopoulou
  • Construction: Tolias Tountas
  • Starring: Antonis Loudaros, Dimitris Rafalos, Lia Tsana, Elina Giannaki, Manos Papadomanolakis, Eleftheria Paraskeva, Katerina Andzoulatou and Varvara Kara
  • Ballerinas: Anna Megalomikonomou and Efi Basta


  • Location : Municipal Theater of Pireaus
  • Theater Telephone Number: 210 4143 310
  • Fund Hours: Monday: 18: 00-21: 00, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10: 00-14: 00 & 18: 00-21: 00, Saturday: 13: 00-21: 00 : 00-15: 00 & 17: 00-20: 00.
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Premiere: November 3, 2018
  • Days and shows: Saturday: 14:30 and Sunday: 11:30 and 14:30
  • Tickets : General entrance 12 €. Unemployed, disabled, disabled, teachers 10 €, school fees 7 €
  • Tickets:,
  • Theater website

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