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“The Greats”: The Famous Adventure of December 6th in Cinema

Christmas’s classic Christmas childhood story Seuss “The Grinch” will be released in cinemas on December 6th

The Illumination and Universal, after the global success in the area of animation with movies such as “Minions” and “I, sinisterness” show this year the 8th feature animated film entitled “The Grinch.” The film will be released on December 6th by Tulip Entertainment.

The film “The Greats” tells the story of a cynical gnarler who wants to steal Christmas and wipe them out once and for all. But his heart will sweetie because of the generous spirit of a little girl. Funny, enthusiastic and highly entertaining, Gurc’s story talks like no other on the essence of Christmas, about the love of festive days, and the power of optimism.

Synopsis of “The Grinch”

This is the story of Grinch, the grumpy hero who lives lonely in a cave. His only companion is his adorable and faithful dog, Max. Equipped with inventions and items for his everyday needs, Grecch sees his neighbors in the village of Houville only when it’s finished with food and supplies.

Each year, Houville’s residents spoil his calm and isolation, as they are planning ever-increasing, ever-brighter, more and more intense Christmas celebrations. When the time comes when residents say they will make Christmas 3 times bigger, Gretsch reaches its limits and realizes that there is only one way to regain his calm. He decides to dress Santa and steal Christmas, together with Max and a reindeer!

Meanwhile, at Cubil, Cindy-Lou, a girl who loves Christmas, plans with her friends to trap Santa Claus so that she can thank him for the moment because she helps her mother overcome them. Will Cindy-Lou be able to meet Santa Claus as the festivities approach? Will Progressive Greens be able to stop the celebrations of the inhabitants once and for all?

A few words about the project

It is a childish adventure that will be worshiped by all. Illumination, which specializes in the creation of memorable heroes (such as the “Requiem” of the Minions’ Grove), has decided to make this long-lasting love and Christmas affectionate story in 3D in the most entertaining way. Indeed, the actors of the film remained faithful to authentic history and devotedly approached the writing of the book. Danny Elfman’s musical investment, 25 years after the “Nightmare Christmas” soundtrack, produced by Tim Burton, is of great importance.

The script invested in other aspects of history, such as the reasons why Greczek became so lonely and the causes of his hate for Christmas. Beyond the comic gags and the amazing ways of history, at the heart of the film there is the concept of forgiveness and the power of love (or lack thereof) that goes beyond every trauma.

Giorgos Kapoutzidis assumed the difficult role of Grec. He managed to bring out humanity, strenuousness, lonely nature, but above all, the hero’s well hidden, golden heart. His voice expresses the modest, tender, but also the wicked side of the fluffy, “green” hero. Next to it, Efi Papatheodorou, 13 years after TV “Par 5”, gives her voice to the imposing mayor of the village, which lights the huge Christmas tree. Now, the cinematic Christmas of this generation of small viewers, they have the movie animation they deserve.

Ralph Glover

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