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The Five Age Group celebrates Christmas at the 104th Theater

“The Little Prince” – The “Five Age Group” celebrates Christmas this year with you.

The “Five Seasons Group” celebrates this Christmas with you, wears its festivities, spreads the magic and gives the opportunity to young and old to share unforgettable moments full of games, music, laughter and fairytale scenic actions. Sophia Papadopoulou and her collaborators, guided by the technique of theatrical play, their love for the theater and the children (small and “big”), made for you two Christmas interactive performances and a series of Christmas workshops.

The Little Prince, Lina Maggosoulina, the Kalikantzaroi, the patron saints and the elves invite you and expect you to “make” together the most beautiful Christmas memories !!

Few words about the show “The Little Prince”

The “Group of Five Seasons” puts a few Christmas touches on the wonderful story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and invites you to “experience” the ultimate tale of the 20th century and guide your five senses to discover the story of the Little Prince again , but also this “something” true, hidden within you.

A magical and emotional journey that affects them all.

Days and Showtimes: Saturday 22, Wednesday 26, Sundays: 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30 December and Sunday 6 January 2018 at 12:00

“The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery at Theater 104. Few words about the show “Christmas Games”

Lina Magusulina, the child’s favorite heroine, goes up in her magic wand, shakes her wand and “lands” on the North Pole. It upsets Sia Magic, excites Santa Claus and elves, but mainly spreads amazing Christmas magic and travels both small and older friends on the paths of cooperation, friendship and acceptance.

The show has been repeatedly seen as one of the best performances and has been loved a little with you again for the sixth time by the “Five-Era Team”.

Days and Hours: Saturday: 8, 15 22 & 29 December & Saturday 5 January at 18:30 and Wednesday 26 December 2018 at 12:00

Christmas Theater Workshops: “A Game Waiting For Christmas …” – Group of Five Era

Look for other Christmas magic on Fridays in December with Christmas Theatrical Workshops from the “Five-Era Team”. Four Fridays, four independent Christmas missions that, if the little friends manage to complete them, will receive the key that will help them decipher the magic spell that will reveal to them the “real” Christmas magic.

  • Christmas Mission N ° 1: “Christmas … Secrets”
    At Theater 104 on Friday 7 December 2018
    Christmas approaches, the streets of the city have worn their festive moments and shine. Multicolored lights blink on the balconies, the trees shimmering ornaments … Thoughts of magic … Countdown to the most festive celebration of time has begun .. But do we know all the secrets of Christmas? For centuries the elves kept them well hidden … Under the ice of the North Pole? On their boots? Or maybe under their pointed cap? Have your ears stretched out and your eyes open. Will small friends find out all the secrets of Christmas?
  • Christmas mission the N 2: “A Kalikantzaraki participate in different than the others!”
    At Theater 104 on Friday December 14, 2018
    “What a beautiful Christmas tree!” Said the little groom. At that time, all the caliphs were tingling their eyes, climbing up their queues and making a loud cry: “Tree? Time for scandals, shuffling and damaging !!! “.
    Will the children, along with the scandalous magician, get to the magical star of the Christmas tree? A scandalous play, sprinkled with ample starship for “diversity” and “acceptance.”
  • Christmas mission Nc 3: “Where Lost Christmas?”
    At Theater 104 on Friday 21 December 2018
    Great disruption prevails in the North Pole! Santa Claus and St. Basil have a great deal of trouble! Once they were informed that Christmas disappeared !!! Will children, along with the little elf, manage to find the lost Christmas? A trip to all the customs and customs of the most beautiful time of the year, highlighting the true significance of the Christmas celebration.
  • Christmas mission Nc 4: “A letter to Santa Claus”
    At Theater 104 on Friday December 28, 2018
    A letter to the most magical, to the most generous grandfather of all time. We will travel to his own country, drill in the toys workshop, meet the reindeer, and finally we will record on the paper our dreams, hopes, aspirations and wishes for the new time that comes shortly. A spontaneous, tender, fairytale and moving journey that reveals the magic of the child’s soul and helps children discover their deepest desires.


  • Location: Theater 104
  • Address: 41 Eomolpidon, Gazi (Athens)
  • Workshop Days & Hours: Friday: 7, 14, 21 & 28 December 2018
    For pre-infants (3 – 5,5 years) at 17:30 – 18:30
    For children 6 – 10 years old from 19:00 to 20:30
    All shows and workshops can travel to your school or your place!
  • Ticket Prices: General Admission: 10 Euro, Reduced: 8 Euro
  • Fund Phone Number: 210 3455020 (Information-Reservations), 6932 321039 (For Group Reservations)
  • Official Site , Facebook Page , Facebook

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