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The Festival of Anti-Nazi and Anti-fascist Cinema in Athens!

The Festival of Anti-Nazi and Anti-Fascination Cinema starts with daily projections

The fact that fascism and Nazism are reviving viscerally throughout Europe and in our country , as a result of a long process that goes far beyond the tight timescale of the economic crisis, does not allow us to have any complacency. In this context, o O rganismos Collective Management and Protection of Producers Rights Film Works ERMEIAS SYN.PE Festival organized anti-Nazi – fascist film, highlighting concerns and reflections on a phenomenon that concerns us more and more.

About the program of the Anti-Nazi and Anti-Fascination Film Festival

From December 10th to December 16th, the Studio Art Gallery will screen the films “The Children of Rome, the Immaculate City”, “With the Glow in the Eyes”, “The Silence of the Sea”, “The Betrayal” with free admission ” “Romeo, Immaculate City” and “Saul’s Son”, offering not only food for thought and reflection but also access to rare, amazing films that each left its own mark.

The Festival ends on Monday, December 17th with the Workshop “An Approach to Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist Cinema” at the Amphitheater of the General Secretariat of Information and Communication, during which the academics Giorgos Andritsos, Lilianna Delveroudis, Vangelis Karamanolakis and the critic cinema Nino Mikelidis, while Takis Kanellopoulos’ film “Uranus” will be screened.

The events are under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information and are carried out with the support of the EKK, Athena OSDDTHOE, DIONYSOS GIS, IREDANOS CIS.


D. eftera December 10 / 18.30: The Children of Rome, Open City (FIGLI DI ROMA CITT À APERTA) of Laura Mouskarntin / 53

Tuesday, December 11th / 20.30: With the Glow in the eyes of Panos Glykofrydes / 80 ‘

Wednesday, December 12 / 20.30: The Silence of the Sea (LE SILENCE DE LA MER) of Jean-Pierre Melville / 88 ‘

Thursday, December 13th / 20.30: The betrayal of Kostas Manousaki / 96 ‘

Friday, December 14th / 20.3: Adonis Cyrus Block / 90 ‘

Saturday, December 15th / 20.30: Rome, ROMA CITTÀ APERTA by Roberto Rosellini / 103 ‘

Sunday, December 16 / 20.30: The son of Saul (SAUL FIA) of Laszlo Nemeth / 107 ‘

Monday, December 17 / 11.00 -15.00: Workshop – Discussion on An approach to anti-Nazi-anti-fascist cinema, Takis Kanellopoulos / 90 ‘

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