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Hotel Apocalypse directed by Alexandros Rapotasios in Baguion

Hotel Apocalypse directed by Alexandros Rapotasios in Baguion

From 28 December 2018 to 17 February 2019, the theatrical performance “Hotel Apocalypse” directed by Alexandros Rapotasios in Baguion is presented. Hotel Apocalypse is an immersive show that invites viewers to take on the roles of visitors to a decadent hotel that will host them for the last few hours before the end of humanity.

It is a stage composition that invites you to explore rooms, experience experiences with all your senses and participate in celebrations that culminate in the end of the world party. It is an attempt to approach the theater as a bourgeois ritual inspired by contemporary pop culture and world-class myths.

A few words about the project “Hotel Apocalypse”

A theatrical performance for everything that separates, unites and ultimately leads to the last act.

One night.

An invitation to a party.

At our last party.

For the last night before the end of the world.

An end we want to celebrate together:

Guests and Hosts.

And please come by wearing your favorite clothes.

Ready for a new medal.

We are the last people to see.

You are the last people to see.

Welcome to Hotel Apocalypse.

From 28 December 2018 to 17 February 2019 the theatrical performance “Hotel Apocalypse” in Baguio Directional note

“The idea for Hotel Apocalypse began in 2012 in London when I started with Ferodo Bridges with a dozen artists from different European countries, and I wanted to find an event that would bring about the fears, hopes and vanities of the actors and of the public. A set of people in a limited space a few hours before the end of the world is an extreme and charming condition that automatically puts you in the position of evaluating your life, your choices, and your role played in the lives of others.

At the same time, however, I wanted this to be made with modern materials (myths, songs and films we all know) and built around the viewer who will have the freedom to participate or not. I want the viewer to use all his senses and to be in what is happening, not to feel uncomfortable or exposed, but to participate. That is, not to engage in a project just as a text with a specific message and reflection, but as an experience that is so complex, restless and disarming as the experience of being alive. ”

Alexandros Rakptasios (Director)

Casting factors

  • Direction / Synthesis of Texts: Alexandros Rakptasios
  • Costumes : Maria-Cecil Inglesi
  • Sets / Lighting : Marco Turcich / Municipality of Clemenof
  • Editing Texts: Isabella Margarah
  • Sound Landscapes: Nikos Nikolakopoulos
  • Operator / Sound Engineer: Leonidas Fountoulis
  • They play (alphabetically) : Hara Kolaitis (Anna Goula), Vicky Kyriakoulakou, Danae Loukaki, Apollo Bollas, Michalis Economou, Kosmas Hatzis
  • Production: ACB Productions / Ferodo Bridges
  • Production Manager: Gabriela Fountouli
  • Contact Person: Marika Arvanitopoulou
  • Special Advisor: Julieta Kilgelmann

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