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Franz Kafka: Sophia Kazantzian Body Theater at the Alkmini Theater

On Sunday, October 21, at 18:15, the theatrical play Franz Kafka is presented for a single day at the Alkmini Theater in the direction of the award-winning actor and choreographer Sofia Kazantzian (“I’m not afraid. I do not hope. I am … “,” The Cretan “,” The Sonate of the Moonlight “(Venceremos)”}.

It is a body theater performance on the whole masterpiece of the Czech author (Metamorphosis, Tower, Trial, Penitentiary Colony, The Artist of Hunger, etc.) full of moments from his personal life.

Performers talk between realism and surrealism, satirizing basic notions and truths that govern Kafka’s work and making it more timely than ever and creating a tribute to himself and to all those who wanted and want with their work and life “To collapse our beautiful prisons” and to make a world from scratch. A world more beautiful, more humane, more real.

Cast and crew Franz Kafka

  • Directed by: Sofia Kazantzian
  • Theatrical Adaptation: La Familia
  • Sound Design- Musical Editing: Michalis Georgopoulos
  • Dressage: Freedom Now
  • Stage design: Efthimia Costapappa
  • Interpreters: Irene Abatzi, Panos Voutsinas, Michalis Georgopoulos, Anastasia Delta, Mara Zaloni, Maria Thanassi, Tatiana Kalaitzi, Dionysis Kokotakis, Andrea Mavrou, Pantelis Myllas, Christina Papayianni, Marilya Frantzeskaki.
  • The performance takes place with the support of the Tragan Drama School.


  • Location: Alkmini Theater (Alkmine 8-12, Athens 118 54)
  • Show day and time: Sunday October 21st – 18:15
  • Pre-sale: 8 € – Entrance: 10 €
  • Reservations: 6974876024
  • Duration: 75 minutes (without break)
  • Facebook Page Theater Alkmini

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