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“First attempts”: a two-day event dedicated to contemporary Spanish cinema

“Dancing Beethoven”, Arantxa Aguirre: one of the films to be screened as part of the “First attempts” movie series.

The Cervantes Institute of Athens and the SGAE Foundation in collaboration with the Hellenic American Union present the two-day modern Spanish cinema “First attempts”. The screenings take place for the second consecutive year at the Hellenic American Union Theater (22, Marseilis Street) on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 December 2018. All the films are screened with Greek subtitles.

The “First attempts” cycle aims to highlight the first works of new filmmakers, creating in very different genres, but believing in cinema as an area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpression. For 2018, all the films presented are directed by women. Spanish filmmakers have their own distinctive feature and responsibility in Spanish production, which deserves to be seen as another “place” that proves the pluralism and wealth of Spanish cinema. In the aftermath of #metoo, this year’s “First attempts” refer to harassment, but they also express the power with which women’s creation wants to open the way by breaking patriarchal patterns.

In detail, the films of the “First attempts”

  • Monday 10/12, 6 pm: “Dancing Beethoven” (2017) by Arantxa Aguirre.

Documentary, Duration: 79. Suitable for everyone

The rise of the choreography of Beethoven’s Ninth Arrangement from the Beazar Ballet of Lausanne. The story of the project, the challenges of this multicultural performance, the methodical and demanding rehearsals for dancers, and the collaboration between the Swiss band, the Tokyo Ballet and the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • Monday 10/12, 7:30 pm: “Her girlfriends from Agrata” (2016), Laia Alabart, Alba Cros, Laura Rius, Marta Verheyen

Social, Duration: 72. Suitable for everyone.

Agata begins her studies at the university, but she still regularly sees her girlfriends from school, with whom she shares celebrations, secrets, trips, plaques, and crashes.

  • Tuesday 11/12, 18:00: “Esquece Monelos” (2017) by Ángeles Huerta.

Documentary, Duration: 75. Suitable for everyone

There are more neurons in the human brain than particles in the universe. If we put them behind each other, the only thing we would see would be a small river, insignificant and at the same time infinite. Below the streets of Coruña there is a forgotten river, which, however, when flooded, requires the bed that people have deprived of. The screening follows a discussion with the director. The director of the Hispanic Cinema Festival of Athens, Stephanos Kollias, coordinates.

  • Tuesday 11/12, 20:00: “The Bustard Soul” (2017) by Ana Murugarren Fabo.

Dramatic, Duration: 106. Suitable for over 12 years.

A phallangitis becomes a hermit and is trapped in the care of a fig tree when she observes the hateful look of a ten-year-old child, the son of one of his victims.

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