Month: December 2018

The Five Age Group celebrates Christmas at the 104th Theater

“The Little Prince” – The “Five Age Group” celebrates Christmas this year with you. The “Five Seasons Group” celebrates this Christmas with you, wears its festivities, spreads the magic and gives the opportunity to young and old to share unforgettable moments full of games, music, laughter and fairytale scenic actions. Sophia Papadopoulou and her collaborators, […]

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Coriolan-Julius Caesar by Con. Chatzi at the Theater of the Cyclades

Julian Shakespeare’s Coward-Julius Caesar directed by Konstantinos Hatzis From the 20th of December, for a limited number of performances, William Shakespeare will play the theatrical play “Corollano – Julius Caesar”. This is a theatrical performance that will be presented at the Theater of Cyclades “Lefteris Vogiatzis”, directed by Konstantinos Hatzis. Few words about the “Coriolan […]

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The Little Amadeus – The Child Miracle at the Municipal Theater of Pireaus

A hymn work on Amadeus Mozart “The Little Amadeus – The Child of Miracle” A hymn to Amadeus Mozart “Amadeus – The Miracle Child” presents the children’s stage of the Municipal Theater of Pireaus. A theatrical play directed by Reina S. Eskenazi and in texts by the writer and musician Thomas Karahalios. In the role […]

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Digenis Akritos, at the limits for the second year at Theater 104

Company GAFF presents for the second year the performance “Digenis Akritos, at the Limits” at Theater 104 Theater company GAFF presents for the second year the performance “Digenis Akritos, at the limits” directed by Sofia Karagiannis. After an enthusiastic response to audiences and critics last spring, Digenis Akritos comes with his special humor and for […]

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The tree – A performance of contemporary dance at the Theater of Piraeus

The Tree show, produced by Dagipoli Dance Co., comes for a unique night at the Beauceio Theater of Piraeus. It is a performance with live music and distinguished guests, which has been edited by Giorgos Christakis. The show is framed by outstanding artists and dancers. A few words about the Dagipoli Dance Co Dagipoli Dance […]

Franz Kafka: Sophia Kazantzian Body Theater at the Alkmini Theater

On Sunday, October 21, at 18:15, the theatrical play Franz Kafka is presented for a single day at the Alkmini Theater in the direction of the award-winning actor and choreographer Sofia Kazantzian (“I’m not afraid. I do not hope. I am … “,” The Cretan “,” The Sonate of the Moonlight “(Venceremos)”}. It is a […]

Hotel Apocalypse directed by Alexandros Rapotasios in Baguion

Hotel Apocalypse directed by Alexandros Rapotasios in Baguion From 28 December 2018 to 17 February 2019, the theatrical performance “Hotel Apocalypse” directed by Alexandros Rapotasios in Baguion is presented. Hotel Apocalypse is an immersive show that invites viewers to take on the roles of visitors to a decadent hotel that will host them for the […]

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“The Crying Game”: Neil Jordan’;s landmark movie

Sthephen Rea trying to solve the mystery of Dill. The “Crying Game”, made in 1992, is generally recognized as the most important work of Neil Jordan, but also a movie feature point of 90s cinema. Subversive, unpredictable and avant-garde, Jordan’s film created an unprecedented wave of cinematic debates and confrontations. The “Crying Game”, 26 years […]

“The Greats”: The Famous Adventure of December 6th in Cinema

Christmas’s classic Christmas childhood story Seuss “The Grinch” will be released in cinemas on December 6th The Illumination and Universal, after the global success in the area of animation with movies such as “Minions” and “I, sinisterness” show this year the 8th feature animated film entitled “The Grinch.” The film will be released on December […]

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“First attempts”: a two-day event dedicated to contemporary Spanish cinema

“Dancing Beethoven”, Arantxa Aguirre: one of the films to be screened as part of the “First attempts” movie series. The Cervantes Institute of Athens and the SGAE Foundation in collaboration with the Hellenic American Union present the two-day modern Spanish cinema “First attempts”. The screenings take place for the second consecutive year at the Hellenic […]

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